I’d seen these awesome images made by artist Cal Redback, and i had been wanting to see if i could do my own version of his “Treebeards” series. After many, MANY redos i came up with this image. It’s maybe not as good as Cal’s, but it’s my take on his style.

Hope you like it. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!


News To Me

I thought i would do a series of portrait images, of people either in the news and/or that i like. There is more to come,as i am always thinking of people to add to this!

Hope you guys like them. Enjoy!

“Sacred Thinkers”

Ok, so i went back to do doing something REALLY simple. Sometimes you just gotta, right? I think if you do the same style over and over, eventually you get bored of it. And i like shaking it up a bit. Testing myself. Going back to a style that i liked doing and that i was good at. And this is one of those times. I guess the only thing that you could say is different, is the image i’ve used. Something a little risqué perhaps?

Hope you like it. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Sacred Thinkers

“Time Immortal”

This lady in the image goes by the name of Tabetha Wallace. And she is one of the most loveliest people i know. She is co-host of the RT show Watching The Hawks – go watch it, cos it’s damn awesome!

I love how she looks in photos and it’s always hard to know just what kind of image i should make. There are just so many ways. Anyways, i used lots of time,textures and brushes for this. I also did a little manipulation too.

Hope you like it!

Time Immaterial



“Simple But Dangerous”

Have spent the past few days just messing about with photoshop and all the textures, tutorials, pngs etc etc that i have. Just to see what i could come up with. It’s amazing to me how relaxing just letting go and going with the flow is, when it comes to making art. Ok, sometimes it’s good to have some idea, but the carefree ways are just as, if not more, fun! Try it some time. I had seen many tutorials online that were very minimal when it came to manipulations and portrait work, so i gave it a go. Hope you enjoy!



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