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Thoughts Beyond Me

There are times when i do a piece of art that really didn't take that long to do. Or at least it didn't seem like a long time. I love playing around with textures, brushes and stock images and seeing what i can come up with. Most of the time it all just turns out… Continue reading Thoughts Beyond Me

art work, digital, manipulation

No Angel

Had a little bit of fun with this one. As i think i have mentioned before, my art mojo has not been as good of late, but i thought i would make something fun. If the mojo comes back it will. I can wait. So i used some older techniques than i have used before… Continue reading No Angel

art work, collage, digital

Fertile Mind

Have had this template lying around in a folder on my computer for a while now. I just didn't have the right image to use with it. That and the fact i forgot about it! But i thought i would go back to it, and give it another go before maybe just getting rid of… Continue reading Fertile Mind

art work, collage, digital, manipulation

Silent Help

If i am honest, i am not sure how this came about. It just did! I was just fooling around, as i usually do,with my many textures, actions, brushes etc etc, and i happily came up with this. ┬áLove the feel of this.  

art work, digital

“Tell A Story”

Kinda went a bit mad on this. Had a different idea to start with. Something really simple and clean looking. But something just wasn't clicking the day i did this. Took me forever ( at least it seemed like it to me!) to get anywhere with it. And the image i had in my head,… Continue reading “Tell A Story”

art work, digital


This image is done in the same kind of style as "Play With Me", this because i made it practically straight after it. So i used most of the textures, brushes and actions as in the previous one. I love the out comes i am getting using this style. I may do a few more… Continue reading Warhol